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Kelly Reynolds


Kelly has had a passion for animals from a very young age. At 5 years old, she began her life on the farm when she started horseback riding. Throughout her youth she was an active member of many animal clubs in 4-H including rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses. Kelly was determined from then on to have a fulfilling career where she could work with animals.

This determination and love of animals sprouted into a dream of becoming a dog grooming professional. She began training and working hands-on with successful groomers, and her passion continued to grow. Kelly completed Nash Academy of Animal Arts in the Fall of 2013, and has been successful in the the dog grooming industry for last 8 years. But the dream didn’t stop here. Kelly met Will in early 2013. They bonded over their love of animals and quickly realized their similar goals of owning their own farm. In fall of 2014 Will and Kelly decided to go after their dream. They bought and moved into their farm, and their home, which is now the home to all the animals of Country Acres Farm.

Will Mayer

Will also had a love of animals from a very young age. As a kid he enjoyed riding and working with horses, and working on a farm. He is the handy man behind the barn, the chicken coop, the riding ring, the luxurious dog boarding suites, and many of the other structural elements of Country Acres Farm. Will grew up on the land that is now Country Acres Farm. Growing up in the home across the street, he has always been very familiar with the property. After meeting Kelly and realizing their shared dream, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it their home!

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